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Shade Sail your Holiday

Shade Sail your Holiday
Who doesn’t love the summer holiday season? – Keeping safe from the sun (and if you live in the UK the occasional rain shower too) is often an important consideration to ensuring you can fully unwind and enjoy yourself.  Who doesn’t like escaping from the midday sun at some point during the day?

A very easy way of fixing your Clara Shade Sail

Easy Shade Sail Solution
This method is perfect for moving the shade sails around your garden and home and also for when you are taking them with you on camping trips, picnics and other trips away from the home...

A more secure way of fixing your Clara Shade Sail

For the keen D.I.Y’er and if you are looking for a stronger and more resilient fixture in your garden; maybe you want to leave out overnight, avoid creases, make it even easier to put up and take down and keep the sail sailing well through the summer months then this one is definitely the method for you.....